Friday, January 5, 2007

356 (er...360) days of photos

I've been reading an on-line photography message board for quite a while. Today I noticed a post about a challenge some of the members have started about taking and posting a photo a day for 2007. I really want to do this but am afraid of failing after seeing two other blogs of mine fail miserably. I think I'll give it a go on my own and see where it takes me.
I want to spend 2007 improving my photography skills and I'm hoping this project can help with that.
Here are my photography related goals for 2007:
I want to learn how to shoot in available light.
I want to work on my studio lighting and really learn high key lighting.
I want to expand my post-processing skills in Photoshop and really be able to use the program to its full potential.
I want to work on design basics and really perfect my card designs to the point that I could sell them.


Tara said...

ok, show me your first pic! LOL Welcome to the challenge!

Miranda said...

Wow. What beautiful eyes!!!
I am excited to follow your blog, love the things you've posted thus far! Great goals, too. I am into card making as well so this will be fun to check in on you!