Monday, May 21, 2007


Playing in the dirt

ISO 400, ss 1/1600, f 5.6, 70-300mm lens @ 300mm


tiffany ard said...

Dude, this should be a poster... Seriously, you could sell this one. The colors, the composition, and just the awesome sweetness and childhoodness of the moment. Usually I'm not as crazy about kid photos where you can't see the eyes, but the intense concentration here is just too cool.

Ooh and I have DSL now so your blog just got a whole lot easier for me to stalk! :-)

tiffany ard said...

Okay and this is wild -- I was showing N your site and Graham peeked over my shoulder and went "JAYCE!"

Beats me how he knew! It must just be very Jaycelike. :-)