Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Pure Toddler

I thought about all the touch ups I could do to this photo. Clean up her messy shirt, remove the wrinkles, "heal" the bruised, skinned knees, and in the full size version you could see the dirt on her face from giving her full 100% at daycare. Then I realized that this is who M is right now - pure toddler. A mess. A very lovely mess. And hey, she actually looked at the camera here so I'm keeping all those wonderful little "imperfections" in this one.

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tiffany ard said...

Aw, I'm glad you didn't clean her up! You're right about pure toddler. And I'm not sure I've seen a shot of her straight-on smile. So cute! She looks like Jayce but in this picture you can really see how much she looks like MAGGIE. Does that make sense?

Graham works hard at cultivating that toddler look. By end of the day, he's - well, like you said... a mess.